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THE HOME FROM HOME CATTERY. Llangain. 01267 241892

A brand new Purpose built building that was built from scratch in spring 2015. Pens are light and airy, will be cool in the summer and warm in the winter with heated bedrooms. The pens have been constructed to the latest health & hygiene regulations as set by the Welsh Assembly Government and coming into force this year. Feliway diffusers are used to create a calm atmosphere and there is soothing music playing in the background. The cattery also has somebody in attendance 24 hours a day...

OLYMPIC KITCHENS. Cross Hands. 01269 845608

Olympic Kitchens are a well established local Company who have built up an outstanding reputation over their 25 years in business for consistently high standards and quality products. They manufacture, supply and fit high quality products including conservatories, windows and doors and have long established contacts within the industry enabling them to supply and fit vertical sliders, bi-fold doors and aluminium products, in short anything that you, their valued customer desires.

Their factory is based near Drefach, one mile on the outskirts of centrally located Crosshands, Carmarthenshire. A new showroom recently opened at their other premises on Crosshands Industrial Park where you can view their range of products.

Creating your dream home with needs a commitment to customer care, backed by top quality advice and reassurance at every stage of the process they are there to help whenever you need it.

The Director and Staff have a wealth of experience and ability to make the creation and completion of your project a pleasant one and look forward to sharing ideas with you.

Whether you choose pristine white or a wood grain finish, it will keep its excellent looks for years, with no need for painting or any other maintenance other than an occasional clean. In fact, so confident are they that they offer a 10 year guarantee on all products.

AXHORNLOUDSPEAKERS. Llanybri. 01267 241976

Are renowned for custom-made concrete horn loudspeakers. Over the years they have developed many specialist horn loudspeakers, including built-in full-range concrete horns as well as the huge 40hz bass horns and 120hz mids for the peddle-power PA at Glastonbury Festival where they were used initially with Green Futures and latterly for Greenpeace.

From the earliest work in sound reproduction, it has been known that horn transducers provide the most efficient means of coupling the listening environment to the sound source. The horn acts as a transformer, converting high pressure, low velocity acoustic air movements into low pressure, high velocity sound radiation.

The efficiency of horn loudspeakers is such that very high sensitivity per watt can be obtained, allowing smaller amplifiers to be used and lower volume levels, making it unlikely that an amplifier is driven towards clipping point and subsequent distortion. The speakers themselves can reproduce extremely high sound pressure levels without significant harmonic or intermodulation distortion; however because of this efficiency, superb clarity can be obtained at quite low levels affording comfortable listening in a domestic environment. The speed of response to transients in dynamics is remarkable and the open, natural neutrality is unrivalled, even by the best electrostatic and planar speakers. The sound of horns is best described as “being there” — listening to the music, not the loudspeaker!

All AX HORN loudspeakers utilise full exponential swept curves throughout and incorporate the principle of front and rear loading of the drive cone, allowing the use of the very best full range drive units such as Lowther, Fostex, AER and Voxativ models. The rear of the cone is loaded with the bass horn, coupled to a compression chamber which acts as a shunt, acoustically filtering high frequencies. The front of the driver is loaded with a short horn which is designed to cut off bass frequencies and enhance the crucial mid-band. Both horns are brought together in phase alignment at cross-over.

With the development of turntables and tone-arms, in recent decades, along with the advent of moving coil cartridges and compact disc players with superb DACs, there really is no excuse for the confined sound of the chipboard box loudspeaker in the corner of a room.

Now is the time to let AX take you … Beyond the sound barrier